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84  S u MM e R 2017 department s Crossword MYLES MELLOR ACROSS 1 Moving to another area 6 Good option for living arrangements when moving into a new area 9 A win-win for both sides 10 Type of coverage that may be tied to contract completion 12 Remote interview option (but with this, you don't get to see a distant location) 14 Opinion 16 They're not optional 17 Outer edge 19 Adept 21 ___-med 23 Eccentricity 24 Veteran 28 Inert gas symbol 29 When moving to another state, it's important to apply for this early 30 Drink 33 Contract clause 34 Choice job 35 Area of experiments 37 Talk a lot 39 Often a priority in a job search 42 Money paid as an incentive to join a company, 2 words 43 Exercise class, abbreviation 44 ____ practices 46 Talking freely 47 Extra 48 Criticize Find the answers to this issue's puzzle on page 6. DOWN 1 Breaks in relations 2 Permit 3 Searched very thoroughly 4 Converses with 5 Pronoun that's mutual 7 Plan to move on from a job, 2 words 8 Levels 11 Drive to and from work 13 Site known for its reviews 15 Year, for short 18 Intelligence measurement 19 Say ____ ! 20 Hospital show 22 Restored one's usual level of energy and vitality 25 Long used 26 In addition 27 Talk too much in an interview, perhaps 31 Time segment 32 Do many things at once, as in fielding recruiter offers 34 Scenic walk 36 Was successful 38 What one wants to achieve 39 Go to another area of the country 40 Center 41 Compass direction 43 H.S. support group 45 Senior, for short How much do you remember from this issue? Many of the answers to the clues below are found in this issue's articles. Read it through, then take the crossword quiz!

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