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24 FALL 2017 F I NAN C IAL F ITN E S S ENVISION PHYSICIAN SERVICES IS COMMITTED TO PROVIDING RESIDENTS WITH UNPARALLELED SUPPORT From Residency Dinners to lecture series by some of the country's top thought leaders, to web-based tools and resources, Envision Physician Services is committed to being your "go to" resource provider. 855.367.3650 | ENVISION IS RECOGNIZED FOR: Inn ovation Exceptional Quality of Provider Practi ce Practi ce Di versity Clinical Education Leadership and Men toring Opportunities EmBa ssador Travel Team Coa st-to-Coa st Opportunities Noneconomic benefits "The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase." –Yogi Berra Salary, bonuses and loan repayments are wonderful benefits — but noneconomic perks can also have significant value. Imagine deciding between two contracts. One contract pays $35,000 more annually. The higher- paying contract provides you with individual health insurance and a claims-based professional liability policy that requires you to pay the cost of the "tail" policy upon your departure for any reason. The contract with the lower annual salary provides family health insurance, life insurance for you, 401(k) match, occurrence professional liability coverage that does not require you to pay for a "tail," $5,000 annual CM e allowance, payment for licenses and dues for professional societies, the ability to moonlight and retain that compensation, a signing bonus and reimbursement for moving expenses. When viewed in the entirety, the contract with the lower base salary may actually be a much better option. "You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." —Yogi Berra When these four compensation components of the employment contract are coordinated, you can hit a professional home run. If one or more of these elements is missing or incomplete, you may strike out and feel the need to move on to the next job. ● BRUCE D. ARMON ( is a partner and chair of the law firm Saul Ewing's health care group—and a baseball fan. Bruce has helped hundreds of physicians and employers with contracts and all participants in the health care delivery system with health care transactional, regulatory and compliance matters. Win! Find your next practice—and enter to win a $500 gift card—at

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