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Page 66 of 95   FALL 2017 67 features THE CONTRACTS & COMPENSATION ISSUE ▴ ▴ ▴ 6 DEBBIE SWANSON A FT e R Y e A RS o F PR e PA RIN g F o R a nd env i sion i ng you r f ut u re employment, it's thrilling to be within reach of a job opportunity that seems like the perfect match. Though it's tempting to eagerly pack up your job-search paperwork and focus on settling into your new place, slow down—one of the most important steps lies ahead. Carefully reading and reviewing your new employment contract—before you sign the dotted line—can make a difference not only in your new job, but also on your career path. Here are six mistakes that it's especially important for new physicians to avoid. Mistake #1: Aside from your spouse, no one else has looked at your contract Physician employment contracts don't make for breezy reading. Most are lengthy and filled with cryptic terminology and specific details that are often hard to discern. And you need to understand not only what's written, but also what's missing. For these reasons, most physicians — especially those early in their careers — turn to people more experienced for help. "The employment contract was filled with legal jargon," recalls Harry Salinas, M.D., a plastic surgery chief resident at Harvard University. "Even though I'm used to reading difficult material, this was just another language." Salinas turned to a lawyer to review his contract, who negotiated changes on his behalf. "She helped in a lot of ways, from translating the legal terminology, to changing some of the language and negotiating some of the restrictions," he says. "Having someone on your side to do these negotiations is incredibly helpful when you are still busy in your last year of residency," adds you're about to make on your employment contract Put the pen down, and step away from the contract! Before you sign, make sure you're not making any of these classic mistakes. Mistakes

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