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8 FALL 2017 KEN ALLMAN, MBA, CMSR, FMSD Founder & CEO · president's note DEAR PHYSICIAN, Your entire job search comes down to being able to answer "yes" to only two questions. All the conversations, all the applications, and all the interviews you attend are geared toward finding the answers to these: • Can you work there? • Can you live there? Those questions are good indicators of whether you'll be happy in your new workplace and community. Those questions help you understand the amount of call you'll take, the amount of CM e paid for, or the amount of compensation you'll earn. They help you evaluate how the negotiation process was handled, or your health care attorney's point of view. In-house physician recruiters, too, are trying to evaluate your answers to those questions as they usher you through the hiring process at their organizations. Like you, recruiters are searching for a long-term relationship — a physician who will put down roots and positively advance their workplace and community. It's easy to get caught up in the urgent matters, the important discussions about your employment agreement and your compensation package. But remember to look further ahead. Once the contract is signed and your direct deposit is set up, you'll be on to your next phase, one that lasts much longer: your day-to-day new practice. There's another reason to keep those two questions at the forefront. If the answer to both is yes, then the conversations about contracts and compensation become easier. You'll be more willing to give and take, you'll enter negotiations with a clearer mind, and you'll focus on establishing a partnership for the future. Recruiters at more than 5,000 communities use PracticeLink to post their jobs and recruit physicians and advanced practice providers like you to their organizations. We'd be grateful for the chance to introduce you. Please join us at It takes just three minutes to get started finding a new home where you'll be happy to both live and practice. Sincerely, Congratulations to our latest winner! "PracticeLink has provided me a lot of information to help ease the transition from training to starting my career. Most importantly, PracticeLink has articles to address the questions that I have." –Radiologist Puneet Devgun, D.O., entered our quarterly $500 gift card giveaway by registering with PracticeLink Magazine! We choose a new $500 AmEx giveaway winner every 90 days — will you be next? Only three ways to enter: send in the postage-paid reply card in this issue, sign up at, or visit the PracticeLink booth at any of the upcoming specialty conferences on page 16.

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