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YOL ANDA NORMAN 90 FALL 2017 live & practice even have residents who have families who are able to buy a home in Augusta, stay for a few years, and then sell their homes when they leave. They don't need to rent an apartment." Nussbaum is emphatic about the area's high quality of life and its economic fortitude. "The military's entire cyber-command station is located in Augusta. We were relatively recession-proof in 2008 because of the number of government positions here," Nussbaum says. Augusta University Medical Center is expanding. Nussbaum's team recruits across a wide spectrum of specialties, including cancer therapy and medical and surgical oncology; bariatric surgery; pulmonology and certain subspecialties in ophthalmology, such as retinal surgery and neural ophthalmology; cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology; and gastroenterology. Augusta University Medical Center also operates the Children's Hospital of Georgia, and Nussbaum says he recruits candidates for nearly all pediatric specialties. When Nussbaum and his recruitment team talk to physicians interested in joining their organization, they make sure to mention the area's warm weather and plethora of activities, including golf. Not a golf fan? Deterred by crowds? Not to worry. "One of the other things that people may not know is that quite a lot of people rent their houses out— their full-time residences — during that week [of the Masters]," says Lindsay Fruchtl, vice president of marketing and sales for the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau. "A lot of the residents sometimes go out of town during the Masters and make some extra money." Though some residents choose that route, Farr is one Augusta resident sure to not miss a golf event. "I often say that you can find [me] at one of four places," says Farr. "I'm at church, I'm at the hospital, I'm with my family, or I'm on the golf course. That is a very focused and intentional way that I live my life." ● Win! Find your next practice—and enter to win a $500 gift card—at p Offices, lofts and the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area Interpretive Center breathe new life into a renovated mill.

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