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Page 40 of 91 W INTER 2018 41 features THE QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUE ▲ ▲ ▲ DEBBIE SWANSON W he N C A le B Butt S , M.D., WAS v ISI t IN g his alma mater, the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, he made a quick stop into the financial aid office. "I'd been in there so much as a student, asking questions about loans, that I thought I'd stop in to say that I'd finished paying my loans back," he says. His visit was unexpected by the financial aid officer. "She cried," says Butts. "She knows all these medical students taking out loans, and never hears how it turns out." What was even more noteworthy than his visit was the speed with which Butts reached debt-free status: 4 years and 4 months after starting repayments. Butts credits the discipline and goal-oriented mindset of both himself and his wife, Tricia. "We wanted to aggressively address the loans now, rather than let them linger," he says. They based their budget on one income, despite their dual-income status. "We didn't want to have to go backward [after having children], so we lived off one income, and used the other to pay down the loans." W hether you're just getting started or you're unsatisfied with your present payback plan, there's a wide spectrum of approaches to use to pay off your educational loans. Key to success is knowing what's available, and choosing the best plan for your family. how to TRIAGE YOUR DEBT Your income—and your outflow—are high contributing factors to your family's overall quality of life. From student loans to mortgages, this guide helps you get your debt under control.

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