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Spring 2018

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Page 22 of 91 S PRIN g 2018 23 C A R E E R M OV E and network. There's no unique formula, but seek out physicians in entrepreneurship, be that through Google or other search. It is a matter of networking with them. People are usually pretty forthcoming. I believe it is important for physicians to be involved with innovation because we have firsthand and front-line knowledge of health care processes and can implement our experience to innovate health care, improve patient care, and benefit the medical profession as a whole. Medicine is very structured in a lot of ways and often establishes a set path with limited flexibility. If you want to be an internist, an anesthesiologist, a surgeon or otherwise, you have a very set and distinct training path. Conversely, entrepreneurship is in many ways the opposite. It allows you to be creative and often face great uncertainty. It's a diferent type of expertise, which at times can be challenging to fit into the paternalistic structure of medicine. It's a matter of finding your passion and seeing it through. Surround yourself with the people who can help you get there. Win! Find your next practice—and enter to win a $500 gift card—at p Jason Reminick, M.D., cofounded a g M e interview management platform after getting stuck in New York City during his own interview process. · Photo by Charles Photography See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at

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