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Spring 2018

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Page 26 of 91 S P ring 2018 27 J o b D o c t o r THIS PLACE IS AMAZING So is the difference YOU can make From the moment you walk into a Greenville Health System facility, you see the positive difference. It's in the friendly way we address each patient and employee. It's in the advanced technology and training centers that attract some of the finest professionals in the nation. It's in the strategic partnerships, the innovative teaching models and the invaluable learning opportunities that make GHS a best-in-class employer. » RECRUITING FOR ALL SPECIALTIES IN THE GREENVILLE / UPSTATE, SC AREA Find out how you can make a difference at Contact Kendra Hall, Senior Physician Recruiter · (800) 772-6987 · (864) 797-6114 GROUND TRANSPORTATION: OK • Taking a train, subway, Lyft, Uber or car service from your home to the departure airport. • Asking to use Lyft, Uber or taxis instead of a rental car (particularly for a short stay). • Driving your personal vehicle at the IRS business mileage reimbursement rate of 53.5 cents per mile instead of flying so that you can bring your kids. • Requesting an upgrade on a rental car if you are really tall so the seat can be adjusted for comfortable and normal knee and headroom. GROUND TRANSPORTATION: NOT OK • Requesting to fly out of a hub airport to avoid changing planes, then submitting a receipt for a $300 town car for the 90-minute trip to the airport. • Submitting hundreds of dollars worth of Lyft Premier receipts for shopping and dinner out with friends. • Submitting absurdly high restaurant, valet and baggage handling tips for reimbursement. (Feel free to add some dollars at your expense if you receive over-and- above service you would like to personally recognize.) • Submitting the mileage for your entire trip, including vacation days and mileage driven on days you were interviewing with another employer. HOTEL: OK • Ordering room service in lieu of a meal at a restaurant. • Submitting receipts for reasonable tips for bag storage, room service and housekeeping. HOTEL: NOT OK • Submitting receipts for alcohol, candy, ice cream or over-the-counter medications from the hotel gift shop. • Adding a second hotel room to the bill because your partner snores, and you need your sleep before the interview day. • Parking with the valet at twice the cost of self-park. • Leaving your personal belongings in your hotel room until you leave in the afternoon, incurring an unnecessary additional night room expense. MEALS: OK The employer will typically present you with the

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