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Spring 2018

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Page 48 of 91 S PRIN g 2018 49 features THE JOB SEARCH ISSUE ▲ ▲ ▲ MARCIA LAYTON TURNER U NTI l Y ou ge T T o Y ou R jo B S e ARC h, T he path to a career in medicine is quite regimented: Study a pre-med curriculum. Apply to medical school, then to a residency program. After residency, you either apply for a fellowship or begin looking for a job. And that's when the systematic, methodical process vanishes, leaving some physicians unsure of how exactly, or when, to begin their job search. "The search process lacks any sort of formal structure, so it is unlike anything most young physicians have ever experienced," explains Sachin "Sunny" Jha, M.D., MS, assistant clinical professor of anesthesiology at the University of Southern California ( u SC) in Los Angeles. "I had an idea that the job process would be a long exercise with varying degrees of uncertainty and unpredictability," he says. "Prior to this point in medicine, everything more or less had a process." The path to a new opportunity doesn't come with a pre-written map or compass. So it can help to hear what other physicians' job searches looked like as you chart your own course. "Like many aspects of medical education, this is one of the things that you don't formally 'learn,'" says Jha. The success of your search, and the order in which you uncover and pursue opportunities and resources, is largely dependent on timing. Allow yourself ample time to explore all the jobs that may be available to you so you can negotiate from a position of strength, rather than being rushed and under pressure to accept anything that's offered. Your job-search T I M e L I N e Learning of other physicians' job-search journeys can help you anticipate, plan and execute your own.

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