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Spring 2018

The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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6 S PRIN g 2018 the 2018 ANNUAL PracticeLink Magazine Job Search issue S p r i n g 2 0 1 8 · V O L U M E 2 8 , n U M B E r 2 LIVE & PRACTICE Sedona, Arizona Beaufort, South Carolina Traverse City, Michigan Pittsfield, Massachusetts 42 60 50 u Zach Liner, M.D. p HOTO BY M i CHAEL CASWELL p HOTO gr A p HY p Michael Antolini, D.O. p HOTO BY CH ri S JACKSO n p HOTO gr A p HY u Shoshana Ungerleider p HOTO BY M i SCHA p HOTO gr A p HY u Amanda Staples Opperman, D.O. p HOTO BY A ng ELA M i A p HOTO gr A p HY DEPARTMENTS 22 Career Move: Physician app cofounder Jason Reminick, M.D., saw a need—and decided to fix it through technology. M ARCIA T RA vel ST e AD 24 Financial Fitness: What's your retirement plan? When it comes to retirement, you either outlive your assets or they outlive you. The deciding factor is whether you have a formal, comprehensive plan. j AM e S MCNA ugh T o N 26 Job Doctor: Navigating your job-search expense reports Don't let a seemingly routine exercise cost you a job offer. The R e S e K ARST e N 30 Legal Matters: Is your tail covered? What you need to know about malpractice insurance. R YAN Re KI e TA 32 Vital Stats: How tight is the job market in your specialty? The PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index can help you gauge the relative ease or difficulty of your job search. 34 Reform Recap: An update on the opioid epidemic As record numbers of Americans die, projects (and prosecutions) emerge. je FF ATKINS o N 36 Tech Notes: 4 free apps to download today A long-overdue addition to the app store—and a good example of how a practice can develop an app of great value. Il TIFAT h u SAIN , M.D. 88 Crossword 90 Snapshot: Brandon Hooks, D.O. 68

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