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Spring 2018

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Page 76 of 91 S PRIN g 2018 77 Experienced and Committed to Quality Patient Care. Get Better! ENGAGE + CONNECT NES Healthcare is among the nation's most experienced multi-hospital emergency and hospital medicine management and staffing groups. Our size and geographic reach allow clinicians an opportunity to travel to desired locations and fast-track to leadership roles. • Small to large volume EDs • Rural and inner-city locations • National footprint and in UK • Residency stipend program • Competitive rates & bonuses • Leadership opportunities • Medical Director mentorship • Paid Insurances • Travel packages • Scribes* OPPORTUNITY BENEFITS Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Connecticut Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana New Jersey New York Ohio Oklahoma Texas Washington West Virginia CURRENT OPENINGS CONTACT US TODAY 1.800.394.6376 more, including subspecialties. When she introduces candidates to the region, Ku kla-A leshire explains how Traverse City is not only a great place to work, it is also a great place to live — no matter where your recreational interests lie. "Traverse City offers something for everyone," she says. "From a safe, welcoming community with excellent schools, to festivals, concerts, recreation and a vibrant foodie scene, Traverse City is a place people visit and never want to leave." Even with all its attractions, Jenny Jenness, media relations manager of Traverse City Tourism, acknowledges with pride the best thing about the region is the people who live there. "It's no secret, Traverse City isn't on the way to anything," she says. "The people who are here have chosen to be here, and they're deeply passionate about caring for this town now and for preserving it for generations to come. Life here is intentional, and you experience that sentiment in everything." She also echoes Kukla-Aleshire's comment about T raverse City offering something for everyone. "I'm a mazed that when I say this, I actually mean it. There's something here for every interest." Locals and visitors can find year- round adventure and recreation opportunities in Sleeping Bear D u n e s N a t i o n a l L a k e s h o r e , which was just named the "Most Beautiful Place in America" by Good Morning America. The food and drink scene is not short on accolades, either, having been called one of "America's Top 5 Foodie Towns" by Bon Appétit. With 40+ wineries and 20 breweries, many featuring craft beers, experiencing the full breadth of Traverse City's gastronomic delights definitely requires pacing yourself. The ideal growing conditions mean wine and beer offerings proliferate, as do tart cherries, which are featured in the National Cherry Festival, or "the ultimate celebration of Traverse City heritage," according to Jenness. "There is no shortage of great stuff to do," says Knaack, adding that because many of her partners have sma l l ch i ld ren a s wel l, activities with colleagues are always centered around family and are kid- friendly. The area's strong sense of community permeates the hospital environment, too. "As a mom in medicine with a busy schedule, it's comforting to know I can turn to my partners and say, 'My kid has a Christmas program,' and they say, 'Hand me your pager.' That's not always a guarantee for parents in medicine because of the hours we put in. This group emphasizes making it happen for each other." "It can't be beat in that regard, as a place to live and raise a family," Knaack says. "You can also have a very successful, strong medical practice, and it's amazing to have that duality." Pittsfield, Massachusetts Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is located in the heart of Berkshire County, a rural mountain region in western Massachusetts. Outdoor adventure, a vibrant economy and the farm-to- table lifestyle are all accessible in this picturesque area, which also offers a low cost of living in comparison to nearby cities like Boston and New York.

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