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The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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88 S PRIN g 2018 ▼ T HE J OB S E A r CH ISSUE How much do you remember from this issue? Many of the answers to the clues below are found in this issue's articles. Read it through, then take the crossword quiz! Find the answers to this issue's puzzle on page 8. D E P A R T M E N T S Crossword Across 1 Most medical residents start their job search ___ months before they need a job 5 Hourly rates 7 Make a recording of 10 Cause for concern, ___ flag 11 It goes with a C v , 2 words 12 Make, as a salary 15 Big coffee holder 18 Original manufacturer's item, for short 20 Label at a convention 21 Brazilian city 22 Match for employer and job seeker, 3 words 24 Profit, abbr. 25 No longer working, abbr. 27 Naval rank, abbr. 28 Where you can be your own boss, goes with 9 down 31 Settle a deal 32 Wood chopper, alternate spelling 33 ___ down, go slow or get stuck 34 Military hospitals 35 Computer department 36 Had on 38 Northeasternmost st. 40 Duty 42 Incentives offered to residents to sign job contract early, 2 words 44 __ __ __ rule, 3 words 45 Start over 46 Being a candidate competing with others for a job Down 1 Preferred destination for a medical resident to live and get a job, 2 words 2 Termination 3 Second, as in v P 4 Vital quality in a successful doctor 5 Tentative forays 6 Check out the food 7 Tellurium symbol 8 Place (abbr.) 9 See 28 across 13 Hometown ties 14 New, prefix 15 Taking advantage of 16 Lab test subject 17 See 39 down 19 Doctor 23 Boomers' kids, 2 words 26 Blood testing area 28 Inactive, like some job seekers 29 Haul 30 Self-image 34 One with a strict diet 37 Valentine's Day gift 38 Soup in a sushi bar 39 One of the incentives offered to medical residents to sign a job contract early, goes with 17 down 41 Function 42 Biological pocket 43 Biblical city

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