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10 Spring 2018 p president's note DEAR PHYSICIAN, In the small town (population 2,500) where I grew up, some decisions were easy. There were only two choices for school. There were only a handful of restaurants. And when it came to places to play, well, we likely would've chosen the schoolyard or the street even if we'd had many other choices. The realities of small-town life didn't bother me. In fact, I often yearn for that time and community again. As a respected member of an in-demand profession, your options are far from limited. You have choices about the setting in which you'll practice, the people with whom you'll work, and the location in which you'll live. You have options about the schools, restaurants and places to "play" that you'll want available. You have options about the tools you'll use and the people you'll put on your job-search team, too. In this, our annual Job Search edition of PracticeLink Magazine, we help you identify and sort through all your options. And at, we've spent nearly 25 years partnering with in-house physician recruiters at more than 5,000 facilities nationwide to provide you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of employment options available. With PracticeLink, you're in charge. Browse the job bank confidentially, or register at to receive updates when new jobs in your specialty are posted in the locations you're considering. Choose whether to allow in-house recruiters to find and email you about opportunities that match your needs and wants, or choose to maintain a confidential search. Your job-search decisions are far from easy. But whether or not you find your first or next opportunity through PracticeLink, we're grateful for the chance to play a role in your search for options. Congratulations to our latest winner! "PracticeLink has been a valuable resource for me during my job search, offering informative articles on everything from interview tips to understanding employment contracts. During my final year of residency I have relied on PracticeLink's print magazine, website content and job postings to help me navigate this once seemingly daunting process." —Marla Diakow, M.D., entered the $500 quarterly giveaway through PracticeLink Magazine! We choose a new $500 Visa giveaway winner every 90 days — will you be next? Only three ways to enter: send in the postage-paid reply card in this issue, sign up at, or visit the PracticeLink booth at any of the upcoming specialty conferences on page 18. KEN ALLMAN, MBA, CMSR, FMSD Founder & CEO ·

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