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34 S UMMER 2018 ▼ T HE I N T E rv IE W ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S Tech Notes IL t IFA t HUSAI n , M.D. e vidence-based apps for physicians These apps put help for specific conditions at physician fingertips — and patient bedsides. e ACH OF t H e APPS I n t HIS A rt ICL e H e LP CLI n ICIA n S P r AC t IC e ev ID en C e -BAS e D M e DICI ne A t t H e POI nt OF CA re A n D I n CLI n IC A n D HOSPI t AL S ett I n GS. Frailty Tool As cardiac procedures such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement ( t A v R) have become more popular in the elderly, it has become even more critical to determine which patients are at a higher risk for mortality and disability following the procedure. Si nce t A v R a nd aor t ic va lve replacements (A v R) performed on the very elderly are still relatively new, integration of consensus algorithms and scores has been suboptimal. In order to solve this problem, researchers published the FR AI lt Y-A v R Study last year in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Researchers wanted to compare seven different frailty scales in order to predict poor outcomes following A v R in the elderly. The Essential Frailty Toolset ( e F t ) was found to be the more predictive for one-year mortality and disability. This toolset is now easy to access through the Frailty Tool, an app developed by physician Jonathan Afilalo, the first author of the FR AI lt Y-A v R study. The e F t is relatively easy to use, having only four main components that can essentially be performed at a patient's bedside (as long as you have key lab values). It's important to note the Frailty Tool app isn't p Price: Free Apple: Android:

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