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38 S UMMER 2018 ▼ T HE I N T E rv IE W ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S Vital Stats How tight is the job market in your specialty? The PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index can help you gauge the relative ease or difficulty of your job search. w HA t 'S YOU r COMP et I t IO n LIK e ? For job-seekers of all kinds, it can be hard to know. A simple PracticeLink. com search for opportunities in your specialty will give you an indication of the demand for physicians like you, but without knowing who else is vying for those jobs, it's hard to get an accurate picture of supply. How many other candidates in your specialty are actively looking for jobs at the same time? And how Most-In-Demand Specialties SPECIALT Y CANDIDATES PER JOB Neurology 0.97 Urology 1.03 Psychiatry 1.09 Emergency Medicine 1.33 Gastroenterology 1.34 Urgent Care 1.48 Anesthesiology 1.51 Pulmonary Disease - Critical Care 1.69 Obstetrics and Gynecology 1.93 Or thopaedic Surgery 1.97 Hospitalist 2.39 Family Medicine 2.43 Internal Medicine 2.44 Pediatrics 3.33 General Surgery 3.60 Most-Challenging-to- r ecruit Specialties SPECIALT Y JOBS PER CANDIDATE 1 Oncology - Gynecological 11.00 2 Flight Surgery - Aerospace Medicine 3.67 3 Perinatal Medicine 3.25 4 Pediatrics - Intensivist 3.00 5 Pediatrics - Genetics 2.00 6 Ophthalmology - r etinal Surgery 1.88 7 Pediatrics - Ophthalmology 1.60 8 r adiology - Women's Imager 1.54 9 Neurology - Neuroimaging 1.50 10 Pulmonary Disease 1.49 11 Pediatrics - Otolaryngology 1.44 12 r adiology - Tele 1.40 13 Pediatrics - Surgery 1.35 14 Otolaryngology - Neurotology 1.33 15 Endocrinology - r eproductive 1.33

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