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56 S UMMER 2018 Explore McLaren opportunities…. / 810-342-1045 McLaren Health Care includes 13 hospitals located throughout Michigan. McLaren is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans. Dear Doctor, Ready to make a move? Let's talk about what really matters to you. What are your dreams? What are your search priorities? How do you define balance? Call us…. We don't just recruit doctors…. We make the magic happen! Sincerely, Clint, Melanie, Elizabeth & Bianca remote from home to finish your work," says Allen. If it appears you will be expected to spend your own time on non-clinical tasks, she adds, "ask if you will receive some sort of compensation for the extra time in terms of cash or vacation, or if it's simply expected of you." Have a potential employer walk you through a typical day at the facility. "Ask 'What will my first week be like?'" says Corde. Then go further. "Ask 'What will my first month be like? My first year?'" This will give you a better idea of the employer's expectations and how they match up with your priorities. "I ask for details of the day-to-day job," says Allen. The information you learn will help you better decide if this is the right practice fit for you. "Will I see mostly inpatients? Outpatients? Will there be a mix? I ask myself, 'In what sort of setting do I enjoy practicing the most, and with what patient demographic?'" says Canuso. The answer will help you with your job decision. 6 w HA t KI n D OF G r O wt H OPPO rt U n I t I e S w ILL I HA ve ? If advancement opportunities are important to you, remember to ask about them during the interview. "Ask 'How can I make partner?' if this is a path that interests you," says Valtos. Or if your goal is to rise higher in hospital leadership, ask "What is the pathway to medical director?'" "Many new physicians will sign up with an employer in a part of the country where they want to live, work there long enough to pay down their debt, and then decide their career move," says Davis. So, before you ask an employer about growth opportunities, make sure the job and community is a place where you see yourself and your family staying long enough to advance your career. Questions for the family Number 10 on the Pinnacle survey on why physicians leave (or do not accept) jobs involves the family and its comfort level in the community. "My family was entrenched in our community, so when I looked for work, I decided not to move them. It was better for everyone if I commuted to work," says Allen. That meant she needed to restrict the area in which she searched for a job, but it was a solution that worked

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