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1.     What is the organizational structure of the practice?

2.    How much revenue does the average group member generate annually?

3.    What is your overhead percentage?

4.    Who is your malpractice insurance carrier and what type of policy do you have?

5.    How many hospitals will I have privileges at and where are they located?

6.    How long has the practice manager been on board?

7.    What is the turnover rate among physicians? Support staff?

8.    How are major decisions made within the group?

9.    How would you describe the work ethic of the physicians in the group?

10.  How is after-hours call handled?

11.   What is the orientation process like for new physicians?

12.   How do you balance making a profit with providing  services to patients in need?

13.   Who are your primary competitors in the community?

14.   Where do you see this practice 10 years from now?

15.    What is the compensation package based on?

16.    What does the benefit package include?

17.    How often is the income distribution plan re-evaluated?

18.    What is the formula for a new partner to buy into the practice?

19.    Have any physicians left the group within the last few years, and if so, why did they leave?

20.   Are there any significant changes under consideration by the practice that I should know
about as I make my decision?



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