Physician compensation stats by specialty
Physician compensation stats by specialty

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PracticeLink’s Physician Recruitment Index: Q1 2016

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Have you ever wondered about specialties in the physician job market? The PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index is an indication of the relative ease or difficulty of recruitment for various specialties based on supply and demand information gathered by the PracticeLink system quarterly. The larger the “Jobs per candidate” number, the more difficult the search.

Most challenging to recruit specialties

Check out the Most Challenging to Recruit and Most In-Demand specialties for the first quarter of 2016. The Most Challenging to Recruit Specialties are those with the most jobs posted on PracticeLink per candidate in those specialties.


The most challenging specialties to recruit.

What’s new? The Index’s first half remained fairly consistent this quarter, with Surgery–Neurocritical Care, Pediatrics–Dermatology, and Pediatrics–Ophthalmology remaining near the top. The second half saw a shake-up, however, with four specialties joining the list: Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Pediatrics–Allergy and Immunology, Oncology–Urology, and Oncology–Medical.

The most in-demand specialities

The Most In-Demand Specialties are those with the most jobs posted on PracticeLink and are ranked by hardest to recruit.


The most in-demand specialties.
What’s new? After 10 quarters in a row as the most in-demand specialty, Urgent Care slipped a spot as Otolaryngology, new to the Index this quarter, took the top spot. The Index was fairly consistent otherwise with only Emergency Medicine and Urology moving more than a single spot in either direction.

* Subspecialties have been consolidated for this publication with the exception of pediatric subspecialties.
† As compared to last Index, pulled January 1. Current Index pulled April 1, 2016.



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