PracticeLink Tips: What is an inDepth interview?
PracticeLink Tips: What is an inDepth interview?

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5 steps to job-search success

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The time has finally come. Whether you’re finishing residency or fellowship or are a practicing physician ready for a change, you’ve decided to start a job search.

No matter your current professional status, your initial job-search steps will essentially be the same—and PracticeLink can help.

Step 1: Commit to the search

The very first thing you need to do before looking for what’s available is to figure out what, exactly, you’ll be looking for. If you do this first, you’re going to be a lot happier with the results than if you just start applying to what looks good at the time. The job you choose is likely going to impact nearly as many aspects of your life as who you marry, so don’t treat the search like choosing from a menu at a restaurant.

Step 2: Evaluate locations

Where would you consider working? For some physicians, this may already be decided for various reasons. But for many, especially those finishing a GME program, you now get to choose where you want to be.

In the middle of a job search, it can be hard to understand the full implications of a job’s location. Figure out where it is you want to live and why it’s important to be there. Your reasons are your own; it could be family connections or proximity to a hobby or even just that you find the weather enjoyable. 

Get the input of anyone moving with you, too. Together, make a list of places that you want live, and rank them. Confine your job search to your top three locations.

Now, if you truly don’t have a geographic preference, figure out all the criteria that you need to have in a location and find a list of places that have it. Then do the same process of making a list and confining your search to the top three locations.

Step 3: Identify your preferred practice type

Once you figure out where you are looking, start diving in to the practice types that interest you. Consider what you like to do within your own specialty, your professional goals, and what you want in a job—both now and in the future. What sets you up for those goals best?

Step 4: Start looking

With your location and practice type decided, it’s time to start browsing at More than 5,000 health care organizations post their jobs with PracticeLink, so it provides a comprehensive look at available jobs in your specialty and region.

Step 5: Create a PracticeLink account

Once you’ve identified a few interesting positions, set up your free profile on Also plan to do an inDepth Interview with one of our friendly West Virginia-based interviewers. With your permission, we’ll share your inDepth Interview with in-house physician recruiters so they can understand the “why” behind your job search—and only call or email you with the opportunities that are the best fit.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to recruiters through the PracticeLink system. And though you’ve given a lot of thought to your job search, you should also remain flexible if you find something close.

Remember, this is your path to job-search success. By knowing what you are looking for and taking charge, you and everyone involved will be much more satisfied with the results. •


Chris Scites

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