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5 tips for marketing your website

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1. Know your audience.

Tailor patient content for patients, physician content for physicians.

2. Consider SEO.

It’s not enough to have a good looking site; people have to be able to find it. And it must be updated on an ongoing basis to maintain strong search rankings. Consider keeping your site fresh by adding a blog, or working with an SEO consultant, or both.

3. Update your content regularly.

When hiring a firm to build your website, request that they build it in a content management system so you can update it regularly. Being able to update your site with current information yourself helps you meet patient information needs without phone calls, which saves you and your staff time.

4. Get the right partner.

If you’re hiring help to build your site, tinker with your SEO, or manage your web ads, keep trying until you find the right match. Make time to review reports and manage your service providers to keep them producing results.

5. Measure your traffic.

Google Analytics offers detailed reports of how users navigate your site, and it’s free. Learn what draws people in and what pages they exit from.



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