Your guide to networking at physician conferences
Your guide to networking at physician conferences

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8 quick tips for landing the job you want

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A quick review of the following physician job search tips can help you land that perfect practice opportunity. As a rule of thumb, mind your manners, pay attention to your communications, and do not forget that you are always being evaluated.

1. Be careful with the “send” button.
E-mail is forever. Research supports that 76 percent of physician hires originate with email. Your candidacy starts with the first email you send.

2. Be polite, be prudent.
The old saying “you only have one opportunity to make a first impression” has an added nuance. That first impression can be permanently documented in recruiting databases and later read by recruiters, hospital departments or medical groups on staff.

3. Money shouldn’t lead.
Money talk should happen comfortably after exchanging preliminary information to confirm that the practice scope and structure may be a fit.

4. Geographic target.
Many physicians make a careful decision to settle where family lives, but having “tunnel vision” might cause you to miss out on an ideal location that could potentially give you an even better lifestyle and work environment.

5. Proofread and spell check.
All correspondence contributes to a digital footprint. Spell check! Grammatical errors detract from your message and raise concerns about your communication skills.

6. Leave a good voicemail.
Speak clearly, spell your last name, and refer to the job ad that prompted your call. A difficult-to-understand message will be deleted.

7. Paint a verbal picture.
Come up with a brief explanation of who you are and what you want. It should mirror your CV cover e-mail text and be so internalized that you can deliver it in your sleep. The more succinctly you can provide the information needed, the faster things can move forward.

8. Congratulations, you got the job.
Once you accept the job, remember to thank the recruiter that helped you!


Sharee K. Selah

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