Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.
Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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A physician’s job search launch plan

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Whether you have been on several job interviews or are just beginning to think about where you would like to work, you have probably had question after question pop into your head.

The problem for many physicians is that, though they are prepared for their future job, they have not been told how to get that job.

We have a saying here at PracticeLink: Becoming a physician is hard. Finding a job doesn’t have to be. PracticeLink provides you with thousands of physician jobs in all specialties, nationwide.

You have worked hard to get to this point; do not make the job search process any more difficult that it has to be. We wish you the best, and we know PracticeLink can be of tremendous help to you. Here’s a launch plan to get your job search off the ground.

Your job search control team

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Please call us for free job-search help at (800) 776-8383 or email

T-minus 24 months before you start working at your new practice

Step 1: Start casually looking for job opportunities in the location you’re interested in
Step 2: Begin working with an immigration attorney, if applicable

T-minus 18 months before you start working

Step 3: Write and review your CV

T-minus 15 months before you start working

Step 4: Talk with references and establish referrals
Step 5: Define your goals
Step 6: Define your priorities
Step 7: Actively look for job openings.
Step 8: Write a cover letter

T-minus 12 months before you start working

Step 9: Narrow down interviews
Step 10: Research each opportunity
– Types of practices
– Compensation and types of packages
Step 11: Research the communities you will be interviewing in
Step 12: Prepare for your interviews
Step 13: Knock ‘em dead at your site visit
Step 14: Follow up from your interviews

T-minus 7 months before you start work

Step 15: Select which opportunity you will accept
Step 16: Accept an offer!
Step 17: Negotiate your contract

Your final job search countdown

10…Prepare for your boards
9…Pay attention to licensing, hospital credentialing and 3rd party payor programs
8…Move your family
7…Set up your Practice
6…Learn about malpractice
5…Market your practice
4… Start practicing
3… Avoid these common mistakes
2… Refer PracticeLink to a friend



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