Physician job search tips from recruiter Christine Barbeau, FASPR
Physician job search tips from recruiter Christine Barbeau, FASPR

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Christine Bourbeau, FASPR

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Christine Bourbeau
Recruiter Christine Bourbeau

Director, Physician Recruitment

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Hartford, Connecticut

Bourbeau, a Connecticut native, has been recruiting physicians for more than 25 years. Learn more about her opportunities by contacting her at or through

What surprises physicians the most about their first job search?

How ill-prepared they are for it. They don’t learn about preparing for an interview in residency or fellowship; there’s no class that prepares them for a formal interview.

How can physicians better prepare for their job search?

Prepare themselves for being asked more behavioral interview questions.

We’re not just asking them what they want to do and how many patients they want to see in a day; we’re looking for the right fit, and the behavioral interview questions help us to learn more about the physician and how they will interact with their patients and colleagues.

They should leave the interview feeling that they have gathered together all of the information they need to make the right decision.

How has the recruitment experience for physicians evolved over the years?

When I first started out recruiting more than 25 years ago, 95 percent of the physicians would come to town, buy a house and settle down.

Now, the majority of doctors that I’m recruiting are renting first to see if the job is going to work out and if their family is going to be happy in the area.

What’s most important for you when recruiting physicians to your community?

That they will fit in with the people they will be working with. First impressions are lasting impressions.

There’s a lot of information we as recruiters gather from the physician after spending a day or two with them, and this information is just as valuable as the “formal” interview process.

How does PracticeLink help during the physician job search?

When a physician asks me for help identifying a job that’s not in my community or state, I always ask them, “Are you registered with PracticeLink?” I tell them that it’s where they need to go to find their job.

I explain that it’s a way for them to deal with in-house recruiters like myself—you don’t have to sign up with an agency. I tell them that 95 percent of the people who do what I do use PracticeLink. I’m always pushing them to PracticeLink.



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