Tech notes covering the DrChrono mobile EHR app
Tech notes covering the DrChrono mobile EHR app

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DrChrono mobile EHR app review

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Grand View Research valued the global EHR market at $27.67 billion in 2019 and expected the market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% through 2027. DrChrono is one popular solution in the EHR market.

The DrChrono mobile EHR app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch enables EHR services on-the-go for patients.

What it offers physicians

According to Daniel Kivatinos, COO and cofounder of DrChrono, the app automates administrative tasks so doctors can focus on patient care. It enables physicians to provide informed care using a personalized, interactive interface.

DrChrono guides physicians through the EHR to free drawing, medical speech-to-text, lab orders and e-prescribing capabilities right from the chart, using smart shortcuts. 

The mobile EHR app leverages professional cameras installed on the Apple iPad, photographing and documenting the patient’s condition in the medical note.

DrChronos app on a cellphone

DrChrono practice management automates a practical workflow for clinician-staff interactions, such as scheduling and billing. DrChrono enables its OnPatient Portal for secure communications between patients and physicians.

“Providers externalize DrChrono’s calendar tool to their website, making it easier for patients to schedule appointments without signing into the OnPatient platform,” says Kivatinos. 

Integrated medical billing rids duplicate data entries and human error. The app also manages revenue cycles, confirms patient eligibility, collects copays, codes and tracks claims, and collects payments while staying on top of denied claims.

DrChrono for the iPhone is fully featured, documenting rounds, securing patient notes, and billing insurances on the fly. DrChrono for the Apple Watch presents physicians with appointments, refill requests and lab results and enables interoffice chat with colleagues and patients in a single interface.

A new telehealth Video Visit integrated app enables a full complement of telehealth options, including inbound requests to provide virtual care from inside the EHR. 

The Video Visits technology is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Through Video Visit, physicians set online appointments and send automated emails to patients with no additional software or set-up requirements.

Bill J. Metaxas, DPM, CEO of the San Mateo Podiatry Group, says that, before adopting DrChrono, he and his team were frustrated by a legacy EHR that lacked mobility, customizations and automation.

That’s when Metaxas and his team found DrChrono. “Our doctors and clinical team love it for its intuitive design, high functionality and speed,” he says. As for administrative overhead, DrChrono simplifies billing by enabling coding and billing automation.

Metaxas’s wish list for future versions of DrChrono includes better tracking and reporting for referral sources, patient callback lists and future practice capacity. 

He would like to see DrChrono make custom demographics mandatory in the OnPatient Portal and would welcome better tracking for outbound referrals and results, so he knows the loop is closed.

How to get the app

DrChrono is available on the App Store. Pricing starts at $250 per month. Visit for more.


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