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THE CLINICAL PRACTICE AND BUSINESS OF MEDICINE intersect in the revenue cycle of a medical practice. In the revenue cycle, the patient’s diagnosis and the services you provide to the patient are translated into codes that permit you to be paid. It is this payment that allows your medical practice to keep its doors open to treat patients today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Changes occurring in today’s healthcare environment present a challenge to optimal revenue performance. With the increasing prevalence of high deductible health plans, patients are more financially responsible for their health care. In turn, this means that a greater portion of a medical practice’s revenue is derived from its patients. The change in financial responsibility— from the insurance company to the patient—means that your medical practice will have to adjust its revenue cycle to capture patient payments earlier in the billing process.

If you are seeking a new practice opportunity, ask questions regarding the practice’s revenue cycle and its financial health. If you are continuing in your current position, routinely evaluate the performance of your practice’s revenue cycle. In any situation, it is important to determine if the revenue cycle is functioning at its optimal level. Throughout this article, we’ll describe actions to help you take your revenue cycle to the next level of performance. (more…)


Deborah Walker Keegan, PHD and Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, CPA

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