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Internal vs external recruiters: Learn the difference

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As the liaisons between employers who want to hire doctors and doctors who need positions, physician recruiters can be very helpful. You’ll likely encounter:

√ Internal recruiters. An internal recruiter, also known as an in-house or staff recruiter, is employed by the healthcare organization for which they’re recruiting. By filling positions within the hospital or other health entity for which they also work, internal recruiters have a bird’s-eye view of the organization and community. A benefit of working with an internal recruiter is that they tend to be more familiar with the community and will be accessible after your hire, too.

√ External recruiters. By working independently with different healthcare clients, external physician recruiters, also known as search firm or agency recruiters, place physicians for many different organizations. Their services are generally free to physicians, and they receive a commission from the organization if one of their candidates takes the job. A benefit of working with an external recruiter is that you’re able to get advice from a third party who might be able to give you a wider view of your opportunities.



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