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Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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Job hunting tips from physician recruiters

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“I don’t like chronological gaps in work or education history, fancy fonts or lots of text boxes. I do like two pages max and simple, clean presentation of board status, availability date and citizenship status.”
—Jody Vickery, physician recruiter, Southern Hospitalists

“Many times I’ll receive a CV where nothing flows—it jumps all over the place. I can’t find when/where they worked, if they’re board certified, etc…. Be sure to list the dates of training and work experience. Know what you are applying for, and modify your CV to fit that opportunity. For example, if they are applying for a private practice position, odds are they don’t need to include 15 pages of bibliography.”
—Eric Martin, physician recruiter, Holzer Clinic

“Pet peeve: CVs without an anticipated completion date. We recruiters are pretty good at backing into probable availability date, but it’s always best if candidates spell out the date of completion as well as the month they hope to begin practice. Suggestion: Once you have a final (proofread by at least two other sets of eyes), convert it to a PDF or “lock” the Word document. That’s the best insurance that someone’s accidental space key won’t mess up your perfect formatting.”
—Therese Karsten, MBA, CMSR, physician recruiter, HCA

“Do not put your social security number on a résumé! I really wonder what physicians are thinking when doing so. We are in an age of identity theft. I always call the physician when I see that on the résumé and give them a warning that its probably not a good idea to do so.”
—Michelle Adkison, senior search consultant with Enterprise Medical Services

“I am surprised at how often basic contact information is missing from the CV. While we don’t need to have their SSN listed, it’s helpful to always have email, cell phone, and home address listed. If incorrect grammar is used, I immediately question their attention to detail or proficiency with the English language.”
—Sarah Doherty, physician recruiter, Florida Hospital


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