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Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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Job-search tips for physicians

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After so many years of training, job searching can be especially exciting for physicians just out of a residency or fellowship. It can mean a healthy paycheck, a new location, a great adventure.

But how are you supposed to find that adventure?

Finding a new job doesn’t have to be stressful—and we’re not just saying that because PracticeLink is the number-one job-search site for physicians.

PracticeLink features more than 14,000 physician jobs needed to keep communities healthy nationwide. Hospitals, medical groups and practices actively recruit physicians like you to fill those needs.

In a recent PracticeLink poll, 98% of respondents said they search an online job bank specifically for physicians when looking for jobs. Fifty-four percent search specialty-specific websites, journals or associations. Half ask colleagues or mentors for recommendations.

Here are some tips to help you on your job search. After all, becoming a physician is hard—finding a job doesn’t have to be!

1. Register. Once you begin investigating your job options, register on Registering will alert recruiters at more than 1,000 organizations that you are—or will soon be—available for hire.

2. Respond. Once you register with PracticeLink, you may hear from recruiters representing facilities that match your interests. Remember, your end goal is finding fulfilling employment. So respond to each opportunity professionally and thoughtfully. Who knows—maybe one will be your future employer.

3. Investigate. Many organizations don’t post all of their available jobs. If you’re interested in a facility that you find on or in PracticeLink Magazine, don’t hesitate to call the recruiter and ask if there are any available positions that match your skill set.



Good luck!



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