Dr. Kavita Mehta's physician job search advice
Dr. Kavita Mehta's physician job search advice

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Kavita Mehta, M.D.

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“PracticeLink helped me narrow down jobs that would fit my needs,” says Kavita Mehta, M.D. – Photo by Katelynn Dow

Employer: Dr. Kavita Mehta, PSC; Louisville, Kentucky

Residency: University of Louisville

In practice since: 2000

Mehta enjoys reading, traveling the world, playing badminton and doing yoga.

What surprised you about your first post-residency job search?

I was focused on a very limited region of the country for my practice and therefore had narrowed my search down accordingly.

What’s your advice for residents who are beginning their job search?

I would strongly advise residents to start their search early. It is very helpful to start a search with learning the pros and cons of practice in different states along with practicing in a university academic institution vs. private practice.

What was the most important factor in your search for a new job?

I wanted to stay with my family, so I narrowed my search to a certain region only within a commute drive from my home.

How did you find your job?

PracticeLink helped me explore available jobs within my interest region, and at the same time made it possible to make comparisons to other parts of the country. 

That gave me a much better perspective on what suits my needs. This saved significant time and energy for me, as I was then able to focus on other aspects of my job hunt—like contracts and negotiations.

How did PracticeLink help you in your physician job search?

I have been extremely clear on what I have required regarding job searches, and PracticeLink helped me narrow down jobs that would fit my needs.

Any other advice?

I really hope that residency training in the final year also teaches the business management on how to look and compare different job opportunities so as to suit one’s own needs. 



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