Workplace culture and physician satisfaction
Workplace culture and physician satisfaction

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Organizational culture: Physician satisfaction and success

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Where is the practice located? How much compensation will I receive? What type of practice is the opportunity?Workplace culture and physician satisfaction

These are just a few of the questions, as physicians, you might ask yourself when you begin your search for the right practice opportunity. There’s an even bigger question you should consider, and one that employers may be asking of you.  “Are you a good fit for the organization, socially and culturally?”

Determining if candidates are a good match

Organizations and even medical schools, like Virginia Tech Carilion, are conducting pre-screenings to help determine if candidates will be a good match, socially and culturally. Virginia Tech Carilion uses a method called multiple mini interview, or M.M.I., and its use is spreading.  Check out this recent article by The New York Times, New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test.

Organizational culture, that mysterious word that characterizes a work environment, can mean just as much to a recruiter as a physician’s credentials. Behavior assessments give a recruiter an idea of how well a physician will fit in with the organization and also within the community they’ll be serving.

As job seekers, you should also consider cultural fit when searching for your first or next practice, or even when looking for a partner for your medical practice.

Tips to help determine a good cultural fit:

  • Site visit – Schedule a site visit with the hospital or medical group you’re considering so that you can see the environment you’d be working in. The environment says a lot about who they are and how they operate.
  • Ask the employer to describe their culture—and share your own wishes for a good cultural fit. There’s power in being able to articulate how you view your work environment.
  • Talk to people who currently work there–network with the organizations current employees and ask them how well they perceive their current work environment.

Whether you’re applying to medical school, a physician starting your job search or looking for a partner for your practice, take pride in finding the right fit for all parties involved. Enjoyable and gratifying work environments can bring results for not only you and your organization but also the community you serve.

Do you feel your organization has a great work environment? Share with us how you and your team make working together a success at

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