Dermatologist Erik Domingues, M.D. of Southcoast Hospitals Group shares tips and career advice for residents beginning their job search.
Dermatologist Erik Domingues, M.D. of Southcoast Hospitals Group shares tips and career advice for residents beginning their job search.

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Physician profile: Erik Domingues, M.D.

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Screen shot 2014 04 02 at 12.12.34 AMWORK: Southcoast Hospitals Group in Fall River, Mass. (Starts August 2014)
Medical school: Univ. of Mass. Medical School, 2010
Residency: Univ. of Mass. Memorial Health Care

Erik Domingues, a dermatologist, enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and spending time with his fiancé, Kasia.

What’s your advice for residents beginning their job search?
My biggest piece of advice is to start early and be open to different possibilities. There may be opportunities in academics or private practice and it is important to get a feel for what each opportunity can offer you. Go with that gut feeling when meeting with a prospective employer. There will be places you have a good feeling about and others you do not.

What surprised you about your post-residency job search?
I was most surprised by the endless opportunities for graduating residents. I restricted myself geographically, but there were still plenty of opportunities. Having a wide variety of choices is a blessing, but sometimes also makes your ultimate decision a difficult one.

What do you wish they had taught in med school but didn’t?
Obtaining a world-class medical education at UMass Medical School, I felt prepared to transition into residency and ultimately into practice. However, I wish we had more training in the business of health care. With the current changes in health care, knowing the business side of medicine is of utmost importance.

Anything particularly unique about your job search?
The most unique aspect of my job search is that I started looking in my second to last year of residency, helping avoid the stress of making the right employment decision while applying for licenses and studying for my Dermatology board exam.

Any other advice?
Take your time and start early in the job search because when it is all said and done, you want to have made the best possible decision for you and your loved ones. Get to know a prospective employer well and ask questions of anything you are not sure of. Make sure that your employer’s values are in sync with yours. Don’t forget to get your loved one’s input because your future is dependent on you and your family being happy.

How did you use PracticeLink in your job search?
I signed on with Southcoast Hospitals Group in Massachusetts for a dermatology position. I learned about it from PracticeLink. I began receiving PracticeLink Magazine early in residency and found it very helpful for learning what to ask at interviews, what to look for at site visits, and what to look for in a job contract.

Through PracticeLink, I was able to learn more about the opportunity at Southcoast Hospitals Group, providing me with the opportunity to practice dermatology in my hometown. Thanks to PracticeLink, I was able to determine where I wanted to start my career upon graduating from residency.



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