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This physician decided

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PracticeLink crossword: Spring 2013 issue

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Take a break from job searching with this crossword, appearing in the Spring 2013 Job Search Issue of PracticeLink Magazine.

PracticeLink crossword: Spring 2013 issue


1. Pick up your life and move it!

5. There are ____ challenges and benefits to all types of physician employment

10. One choice of organizational form for a new practice

11. Desirable view for a new home

12. Abbreviation for the Affordable Care Act

13. Person belonging to a social or professional group

14. Position

15. Small version

17. Cherished desires for the future

19. Job classification

21. Not be forthright

22. Well established in a new location

25. List of often asked questions about a company or facility

27. Turn down

28. Jeans brand

29. Career descriptions, for short

31. This program will be expanded by 2014 to cover individuals and families at 133 percent of the poverty level

34. Relocation costs which may be deductible tax-wise (2 words)

38. Business promotion

39. Driver’s ___

41. Hospital units

42. Final proposal for acceptance or rejection (2 words)



1. Someone another person looks up to and imitates (2 words)

2. Temporary physician position, holding for someone else (2 words)

3. Selected

4. Personal links

6. Yep’s opposite

7. Major factor involved in deciding where to practice (it’s not just the money) (3 words)

8. Check into

9. Friendly and unstructured

16. Happy

18. Doctors, for short

20. Expanding type of medical research

23. Railway

24. Golfing area

26. Joe Flacco, for one

29. Package including salary and other benefits

30. Special financial award on a job

32. Go down

33. Good employee attitude (2 words)

35. Compete

36. Chow down

37. Visit

40. Medical professional


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