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PracticeLink Crossword: Spring 2014 Issue

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Take a break from job searching with this crossword, appearing in the Spring 2014 Interview Issue of PracticeLink Magazine!

Stuck on a clue? Read the last issue! Many of the answers can be found in the content of PracticeLink Magazine’s Quality of Life Issue.

242 empty crossword

1. Making money during off hours
8. Categorizing item
11. Sodium symbol
12. Add to, in terms of income for example
15. Hotel room features
17. Praiseful poems
18. Concur with
19. Group that handles medical emergencies, abbr.
22. “Carrot and the ____” approach
23. Easily pass a test
24. Bring into harmony
25. Go well together
27. New to a job or subject
29. ___ scan
30. Positive or negative particle
31. Hire
32. Health facility related
34. By way of
35. Accounting term for up to this point of the year, abbr.
36. Hold the _____ strings
38. Teach a skill
39. Northeastern state
40. Subject for an otologist
42. People who can assist you in locating a position or opportunity
44. Representatives
46. ___ tract
47. Tellurium symbol
48. Utter
49. Saving money and time

1. Handbooks
2. Extra time on the job, for short
3. Not very savvy
4. Dieter’s obsession
5. Surgical dressing
6. Select for a job or project
7. Requirements
9. Position for a physician getting specialist training
10. People with an interest or concern in something, often financial
13. __ and behold
14. Fulfilled
15. Full disclosure
16. Interview
20. Advanced degs.
21. Distinguished academic
25. Summer month
26. Alien botanist
27. Locating
28. What you get back from an investment, abbr.
29. Total amount and the type of insurance
31. Considers reasonable or due
32. Alludes to
33. 24-hr. banking convenience
37. Took, as an exam
41. Word before dote and pasta
43. Hiring negotiations are a __-way street
44. Goal
45. Top score
46. Green light



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