Summer 2014 crossword puzzle
Summer 2014 crossword puzzle

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PracticeLink crossword: Summer 2014 issue

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Take a break from job searching with this crossword, appearing in the Summer 2014 Interview Issue of PracticeLink Magazine!

Stuck on a clue? Read the last issue! Many of the answers can be found in the content of PracticeLink Magazine’s Job Search Issue.

PracticeLink crossword puzzle

1. Getting one of these will improve your career snapshot
7. Plan of action
10. ___ call
11. Managed
13. Career ending move
15. One way pay rates can be calculated
17. Tour of facilities
19. Beginner instruction in a subject
20. Tax expert
21. Out ___ limb (2 words)
23. Settle upon
24. Give permission
25. Dental alloy
26. Signal
27. Otologist’s concern
28. One of the costs of commuting
29. Medical patient
30. Vital qualification
33. Acidity measurement
35. It usually calls for a driver
36. Act that affects the issue of transparency of payments received by physicians from Medicare, abbr.
37. Calcium symbol
38. Demeanor
39. “Let it __”: Beatles advice
41. Old record
43. That is
45. PracticeLink’s ____ shows you who is hiring and where (2 words)
49. Drivers licenses, etc.
51. Hospitals often benefit from these type of fees generated from a recruited physician’s patients
52. Perfect job candidate now contracted, e.g.

1. It deals with matters
of the heart
2. Provides incentives
3. “Wheel of Fortune” purchase (2 words)
4. Have legal possession of
5. Medical TV show
6. Cheerleading cry
8. Type of practice where a doctor is paid directly by his patients (2 words)
9. Group of proteins that helps convert starch to sugar
12. Agreements that will affect your opportunities after leaving a job
14. Gather information on available positions, e.g.
16. Salary ___ (has a bottom and a top)
18. Honest and open in terms of making information fully available
22. Compass direction
31. Magical wish-granter
32. Ophthalmologist’s concern
33. Prescribed capsule
34. App that is an extensive physician reference tool
40. Page in a book
42. Combine, as assets
44. ____ strategy



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