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PracticeLink Fall 2012 crossword puzzle

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Take a break from job searching with this crossword, appearing in the Fall 2012 issue of PracticeLink Magazine.

Crossword Fall issue blank


    1  It’s been streamlined under new CMS and DHHS revised regulations

    8  Atomic number 38

    9  Abbreviation for one delivery method for electronic health systems

  12  Metallic element used in lasers

  13  _____ levels: factors to check in due diligence on an IT vendor

  14  Main idea

  16  From head __ toe

  17  Audi-visual, for short

  18  Make sense

  19  Acronym for the Act relating to health information technology

  22  ____ item on a spreadsheet

  23  Polite form of address to the boss

  25  Act which laid down rules for pension plans

  27  Common item in patient waiting rooms

  28  Makes money (3 words)

  31  Harden in place, as of a bone

  32  Small ball, medically

  35  Many physicians and practices are moving to implement these electronic systems, abbr.

  37  Musical note

  40  So far

  42  52, in Roman numbers

  43  Check alma mater connections here for leads in areas you want to work (2 words)

  45  DHSS plans to establish ____ health plan identifiers of a standard length and format for each health plan

  46  Brain enclosures

  48  Ear part

  49  Practice of sterilizing



    1  Career summaries

    2  Web based communications, useful in job searches

    3  Room that was the basis for a TV show

    4  Word processing feature

    5  Another category of staff memberships for non-physicians, _____ memberships, proposed by CMS

    6  Innovative

    7  _____ative medicine

    8  CAT, for one

  10  Datum on a patient’s form

  11  ___ card, for short

  15  By way of, informally

  16  To the point

  18  Slang for intestines

  20  Not relaxed

  21  Bluetooth profile enabling headphones and headsets to be used with bluetooth devices

  24  Tech related

  26  Accounts receivable

  29  Reminders that may be a vital part of a job search (2 words)

  30  It often clinches a job offer even when a practice is not actively recruiting

  32  Health club facility

  33  French the

  34  Out of the ordinary

  36  Evaluations often offered by websites on physicians and their practices

  38  Ventilate

  39  Raises, rates for example

  41  Unit of radioactive activity

  44  Surgeon’s assistant

  45  Prestigious California University

  47  Language of 43 across


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