Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.
Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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PracticeLink’s new assistant editor

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It is my distinct pleasure to welcome to the Unique Opportunities®, PracticeLink® team Heather McKnight, our new assistant editor. Heather brings with her diverse experience that makes her a valuable member of our staff. We look forward to her adding her talents to both UO magazine and the entire range of PracticeLink physician recruitment divisions.

PracticeLink’s team mentality

Team is a central concept in this issue. In our cover story, “Ace the Interview,” writer Marcia Travelstead outlines a strategy to help you land the position you want. With a combination of preparation and professionalism, you can create the impression necessary to set you apart from the competition and net you the offer for which you’ve worked so diligently. Start your homework on page 18 and begin the journey to accepting your next opportunity.

Once you’ve landed your offer, you’ll need to negotiate a contract. Lori Herring’s piece beginning on page 26 is required reading to help get you prepared. “Negotiate Like a Pro,” takes the fear out of what can be an intimidating process and outlines what you should do (seek legal counsel early), shouldn’t do (be afraid to ask for what you need), and how to do it (with confidence and class). There is always give and take, and you likely won’t get everything you want, but you’ll be better prepared with some guidance behind you, and Lori’s article is a great place to start.

Finally, if you’re considering a position in a group practice that may lead to an offer of partnership, Karen Appold offers some advice in “The Opportunity of Ownership,” beginning on page 34. The questions to consider before accepting a job with this kind of potential are incredible, but then so is the potential gain. Many of them may seem premature or even brash for a candidate for what is initially an employed position. However, given that the potential for ownership must be considered long-term—even encompassing the balance of your career—not to ask leaves open the chance that you join a team with which you invest years of work and end up disappointed.

At UO magazine, we strive to be a valued member of your job search team. If there is anything you would like to see in our magazine, please e-mail us at
Mollie Vento Hudson


Mollie Vento Hudson

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