Barbara Barry, PracticeLink publisher
Barbara Barry, PracticeLink publisher

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PracticeLink summer 2009 update

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Barbara Barry
Barbara Barry

Exciting things are happening here at Unique Opportunities. Our publishing company is now a part of PracticeLink®, the leading online job bank for physicians. Approximately 18,000 physicians every year use PracticeLink to research job opportunities across the nation. Our magazine’s title will now be “Unique Opportunities Powered by PracticeLink.” Much more than a mere name change, this partnership is a synergistic union of two teams with complementary strengths and talents. This synergy means that you will not only continue to receive UO’s same physician-specific career development guidance in a hands-on, take-home paper format, but you’ll also benefit from the best the Web has to offer for conducting a practice search— We at UO couldn’t be happier to have the PracticeLink team to partner with for the future.

PracticeLink’s new look

You may have also noticed that we have an updated look with this—our first ever, Summer issue. In the interest of the environment, as well as wanting to create a very easy-to-read product, our magazine is now printed on matte, 100-percent recyclable paper. We’ve also gone to quarterly issues—from bimonthly, so you’ll receive UO four times per year instead of six. You will still get the same amount of career-boosting information, however, as we plan to keep the same number of stories over the year the same. We stand by our pledge to provide the highest quality, purest career-specific content of any magazine for physicians, and now, we’ll be greener as well.

New name, same mission

Despite the name change and our more current look, our core mission remains the same. As in the past 18 years, we will continue to provide engaging editorial to give you the most up-to-date insight on managing your career and life. I’m confident you will enjoy the cutting-edge articles in this special “Beyond Paper” issue. Read about how social media can affect your job search, how to manage those risks safely, and learn about new wireless applications to make your work day easier. You’ll also read about what it would be like to live and practice in the financially thriving community of Bismarck, North Dakota.

Just as the medical profession is constantly surging forward, we at UO Powered by PracticeLink embrace the new territory ahead, so that we might do what we do—even better—helping you find your best practice. Now, on to our next adventure! As always, we welcome your article ideas and suggestions.


Barbara Barry, Publisher

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