Understanding the difference in physician recruiter types
Understanding the difference in physician recruiter types

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Preparing for your interview

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Preparing for your interview

The job search is stressful—and anyone who has ever looked for a job can relate. That’s especially true when it comes to physician interviews.

An interview is the culmination of sometimes months of contact with a potential employer via phone and email. No matter how good you appear on paper, an interview can make or break your chances of working somewhere. The good thing is that if you’ve made it to the interview stage, there’s a good chance the recruiter thinks you could be a good fit for the opportunity.

By the time of an interview, both parties have a lot invested in the job-search process. But that doesn’t mean you should rush anything. Though you’ll want to take the opportunity to sell your unique qualities, also take the time to ask questions of your own—and follow these steps before you go.

Review your CV

Review the CV you have shared with the potential employer. (Or start it at PhysicianCV.com.) Be prepared to discuss in detail and expand on any item. If you’ve done research, what drew you to the topic, and what did you find most interesting? Who was your favorite professor in medical school and why? What did you like about living in the area where you did your residency? Consider any examples of challenges you’ve overcome or problems you’ve solved creatively, and be prepared to share.

Identify a hook

Once you’ve reviewed your CV, it’s time to start thinking about what sets you apart. One way to stand out is through an inDepth Interview with PracticeLink.

After you create a free candidate profile on PracticeLink, our physician relations team will contact you for one of these brief interviews. We’ll ask you the who, what and why of your job search—the things that set you apart. After all, it’s fair to assume that all the other candidates that are being interviewed for the position have similar qualifications. So what is it about you that makes you the best fit? Your answer might include a back story about why you are so passionate about the field that you are practicing in, a familial tie to community, or a special interest in the employer. You’re looking to share anything that makes you uniquely perfect for the role.

With your permission, information from your inDepth Interview is shared with in-house physician recruiters who are looking to hire in the areas in which you’re interested. Your participation not only increases their understanding of your skills and interest in your profile, but it also gives you a chance to practice the interview process with questions we’ve honed over decades of working with both physicians and employers.

Research the organization

Make sure you do your research on the organization that you are interviewing with. This helps you avoid any awkward moments when they inevitably ask you what you know about them, and it will help guide your development of questions you’ll want to ask them. Remember that if you do get the position, you will likely be there for at least a couple of years. Of course you are going to want to ask about compensation structures, insurance, tail coverage, call and numerous things to do with the practice itself. But you will also be living in that community. If you have children, ask about the schools and extracurricular activities popular in the area. Do you have a spouse or significant other? Will they be able to find work? Don’t forget that, though your work life is important, it’s the total experience of living in the community that will have the biggest impact on your family’s quality of life.

The most important thing to remember about your interview is to be prepared. It is much easier to relax and project confidence when you are prepared. Study the materials you have submitted and the organization. Practice the interview and conduct an inDepth Interview —then nail the interview and achieve your dream practice.

Chris Scites is PracticeLink’s director of physician relations. Contact his team for free job-search help at (800) 776-8383.


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