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As advisors to young physicians across the country, we are often asked, “What is the most important thing I should be doing financially in the first years of practice?” Our answer is simple: “You need to build a solid foundation.” The application of the concept of a foundation is different for each physician. However, as with patients, we often see very common symptoms and can make some generalizations about what is involved in creating a financial foundation for many young doctors.

Foundation building for young physicians depends on where they are in their personal lives (single, married, kids, etc.). Also, it can and needs to begin before the physician even leaves training because, like most things, establishing the right habits are key to building a financial foundation.

Most young physicians will see a significant increase in their incomes when they begin their practice. Up to this point, they have typically been living paycheck to paycheck, and a jump in income by five-fold or more can be a bit euphoric. With a “spend now and plan later” attitude, many young physicians will indulge a bit and make large purchases. Often taken too far, they find themselves once again living paycheck to paycheck. The attitude then becomes: “Once I make partner in a few years, I’ll address my financial plan…”

At the outset of their medical career, physicians in training are told “first, do no harm.” As advisors to young physicians at the outset of their financial careers, we give similar advice: “First, build your foundation.” That foundation includes protecting your future income and earning potential with disability and life insurance. (more…)


Michael Lewellen, CFP

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