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Questions job-seekers should ask about physician engagement

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Physician interviewA recent survey conducted by Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search has found that engagement heavily influences physicians’ evaluations of job satisfaction and their decisions about whether to accept or leave jobs. In addition, the survey found significant discrepancies between what physicians considered to be their ideal engagement and what they reported to be their actual engagement. The findings shed light not only on the experiences of physicians but also on questions job-seeking physicians should ask as they consider opportunities.

Elements of physician engagement

Because physician engagement is a broad concept, the researchers studied it by focusing on 15 different elements of engagement. The survey examined how important these elements were to making physicians feel engaged. Overall, physicians ranked the following five elements as most important:

  • Respect for my competency and skills
  • Feeling that my opinions and ideas are valued
  • Good relationships with my physician colleagues
  • Good work/life balance
  • A voice in how my time is structured and used

The degree to which physicians felt their practices delivered on these 15 elements was also examined. The five elements that represented the greatest discrepancies between ideal and actual engagement were:

  • Feeling that my opinions and ideas are valued
  • A voice in clinical operations and processes
  • A voice in how my time is structured and used
  • Fair compensation for my work
  • Good work/life balance

Interview questions about physician engagement

For job-seeking physicians, these findings suggest important questions that should be asked during the interviewing and site visit stages. When considering a new practice opportunity, make it a point to ask the organization’s current physicians whether they enjoy a healthy work/life balance and whether they have a voice in clinical operations. In addition, ask recruiters or administration members what structures are in place to ensure physicians’ time is used wisely and to ensure physicians’ opinions and ideas are heard.

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