Ramayee Periakaruppan shares her post-residency job search advice.
Ramayee Periakaruppan shares her post-residency job search advice.

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Ramayee Periakaruppan (Rama Peri), M.D.

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Ramayee Periakaruppan, M.D.
“I liked the PracticeLink daily updates,” says Ramayee Periakaruppan, M.D., when she was beginning her post-residency job search. – Photo by Maike Rinaye

Employer: WellSpan

Residency: Anatomic and clinical pathology, 2016

Fellowship: Surgical and cytopathology, 2018

In practice since: July, 2018

Peri enjoys music, theater, movies, walking, trying new foods and spending time with family and friends.

What surprised you about your first post-residency job search? The high volumes and the tight job market in my field.

What’s your advice for residents who are beginning their job search? Talk to employees of the group or observe a day in the life of one of the employees to really see the ins and outs.

Choose a location and job where you can potentially stay for at least a year or two, one with a supportive group where you can get second opinions if need be.

What was the most important factor in your search for a new job? Proximity to my parents.

How did you find your job? I used job websites, and I liked the PracticeLink daily updates. I mainly sent CVs and cover letters by email and made occasional phone calls.

How did PracticeLink help you in your physician job search? I was able to see jobs that were updated daily and apply directly through there.

Any other advice? Keep your head up. You may change jobs a couple of times or do locum tenens until you find a good fit. Then you’ll be more marketable once you have a couple years of experience. Know your worth!



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