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This physician decided

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Rural medicine — worth a second look

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Could a rural practice be right for you?
Could a rural practice be right for you?

Ralph Riley, MD, Bought his practice in Saluda, South Carolina, after a 15-minute phone conversation and a handshake. “Nothing was ever signed; I bought the entire building and practice,” he says. While lawyers and practice management advisors would frown on such loose business practices, it fit Riley’s unique situation. He was coming home to his rural roots.

Riley was from Saluda, a town of about 3,000 people in central South Carolina. In the nearly 25 years since the handshake, Riley Family Practice Associates has grown with the addition of two full-time and two part-time nurse practitioners. A few years ago, he hired an additional physician. He knows that one of the challenges of rural practice is keeping the workload at a manageable level, but he wouldn’t trade it. “It was always my dream to go into family medicine and come back to Saluda,” Riley says. (more…)


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