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Should you make a career move?

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It’s not uncommon in today’s market for physicians to change career paths. But before making your next job or career change, consider your motivations.

In many cases, a job change can put a financial burden on you. If you leave your current position before your contract is fulfilled or you haven’t considered the cost of re-establishing a practice, the move may not be worth it.

Consider your motivations and make sure your decision to leave isn’t based upon something that could be easily overcome. Ask yourself these questions:


1. Does your current job fulfill the long-term roadmap you have laid out for yourself?

If your current position does not perpetuate you toward the rewarding future you envision for yourself, then maybe a career change is a good idea. Determine what the “bumps in the road” are, and whether your current position is really going to be a detriment to your long-range goals.

2. Does your current job conflict with your core values?

If you are in a role that compromises your core values and doesn’t align with your purpose in life, it’s time to move on to a career path that will reflect who you are as a person. Internal struggles about right and wrong should never be a part of your lifestyle.

3. Have your lifestyle priorities and preferences changed?

Sometimes circumstances change in our lives. You may suddenly find yourself caring for an aging parent, or being a grandparent. These life-changing events may require you to move to another location. You may also find you are spending too much time at work or at the hospital and not enough time with your family and friends. All of these are good reasons to seek a career path that better suits your lifestyle.

4. Does your compensation plan align with your expectations?

Money may not be the top factor for considering a job change, but consider your long-term goals for you and/or your family.

If you are in a stagnant area where growth isn’t a possibility, consider your options carefully and make sure you do your research if you choose a new path.

5. Does your work environment create synergy, or is it a stumbling block to your success?

Often it is difficult to align with medical groups or even hospital administrations that share your vision for success. Life isn’t always going to be perfect, but there should be some synergy with your colleagues to ensure you are successful. Maybe you have realized that you no longer want to manage your own practice, and a different practice setting would enable you to experience greater success.

6. Do you and/or your family enjoy where you live?

Even though you have chosen the ideal place to live and/or raise a family, there are many factors that can distort your “dream location.” Such factors as cost of living, unemployment and schools should be considered.

Overall, job changes are not always a poor option. Be careful to assess your motivations and get the opinions of those you value in life. A career change can be rewarding or it can be a disaster. Consider your options carefully.


Vicky Hill ( is Director of Physician Support & Recruitment Services at Wythe County Community Hospital in Wytheville, Va. (


Vicky Hill

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