Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.
Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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Survey: Advanced Clinical Professionals in high demand

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The job outlook for Advanced Practice Clinicians is high and the salaries are growing to meet the demand according to survey findings released last month.

An increase in demand for Advanced Practice Clinicians

Sixty-three percent of respondents reported a 17 percent increase in the APC workforce over the past 12 months. While 53 percent said they plan to increase their APC workforce by 15 percent in the coming year.

The survey, released in the 2012 Advanced Practice Clinician Compensation and Pay Practices Survey Report from Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc.  and the American Medical Group Association compiled answers from more than 275 health systems, hospitals and physician group practices. Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported increased salaries and more than half of the organizations plan to provide salary increases to APCs in the coming year, averaging a three percent jump in wages.

“For years, we have seen the movement toward a more team-based, coordinated approach to patient care,” said Chief Executive Officer Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE.

Salary increases for Advanced Practice Clinicians

“While reported salary increases continue to be moderate, the increases show no sign of abating,” said SullivanCotter Principal Kay Jensen. “Drivers of demand and salary increases include responses to physician shortages and repositioning of the workforce to ensure all medical professionals can work to the top of their practice level.”

The increase in APCs is a response to help fight physician shortages, ensuring all practices can run at their best level with available staff.

Where to read the rest of the APC data

Data was collected for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants last spring. The survey also included data on pay practices such as on-call pay, shift differentials, annual incentive plans and supplemental benefits and perquisite. To purchase the full report, visit here.

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Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures. Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.
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