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Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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Three ways to stand out to physician recruiters

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Stand out among other candidates by making your CV skimable, using your CV to tell a story, and reaching out to recruiters.

Though the M.D. after your name does designate medical expertise and years of hard work, it’s still important to think strategically about your job search and consider how you can stand out. You must convey to employers what, beyond your degree, makes you a good candidate and a good cultural fit. This is true now more than ever, as increasing numbers of physicians seek hospital employment rather than private practice opportunities.

As you outline your job search plan, be sure to incorporate these tricks and strategies so you have the strongest shot at landing your first-choice position. Taking the time to consider how you can present your experience in a thoughtful way, and going after opportunities in a creative way, is what separates the 95 percent of candidates who land something from the 5 percent who land the very best.

Make your CV skimmable

Clarity equals credibility in the world of CVs. No recruiter wants to open a physician’s CV and have to spend the next 20 minutes going line by line to figure out the timeline. Is your CV easy to skim? Gigantic paragraphs don’t work on CVs. It’s an appetizer, not the main course. (Your on-site interview is the main course.) Keep lines short and action-oriented and use bullets liberally.

Use your CV to tell a story about your background and experience

Create a narrative with your CV. Try to see your CV as a storytelling device: where did you start, what was the journey, and how did the hero (you) succeed in the end? To tell this story, go into detail about procedures and appointment specifics. Go beyond your credentials: how did you add value? You can describe how you uniquely contribute through bullet points chock-full of concise details.

Proactively reach out to recruiters

There are two main ways to get in touch with recruiters. One quick way is to fill out a profile on This way, in-house recruiters can contact you directly, and you can reach out directly to them by using the contact information on any job posting or applying through the site.

Another way to get in touch is through the PracticeLink Employer Directory. (Access it by clicking “View All Employers by State” on the homepage.) From there, you can reach any employer’s PracticeLink page and find an in-house recruiter’s contact information. You can also see which specialties that employer is seeking.

Making the first contact shows recruiters that you are proactive about your search and serious about accelerating your career and finding your new opportunity.



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