PracticeLink Tips for time for a new job
PracticeLink Tips for time for a new job

Time for a new job?

Chris Scites

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PracticeLink’s free tools help physicians find their first or next practice with ease when it’s time for a new job.

Physicians are familiar with tools when it comes to practicing medicine. Depending on the specialty, you may use a stethoscope, scalpel, syringe, and the list goes on. Likewise, when it comes to looking for opportunities, there are many tools available. Unlike most medical tools, the job search tools that are provided by PracticeLink are free.

One of the best tools offered by PracticeLink is the website itself,

From there, you have access to an array of services that can help you find the right opportunity. One of the most widely used is’s job-search function. Physicians, surgeons and advanced practice providers can search for opportunities posted by more than 5,000 hospitals and health care organizations nationwide. One of the great things about PracticeLink’s job search functionality is that you’re able to do a broad or precise search using keywords and multiple filters. Looking for a family medicine opportunity? Not a problem. Looking for a family medicine opportunity within five miles of the Morris Hill neighborhood in Boise, Idaho, that offers loan assistance? With, it’s easy.

Friendly on-call staff

Another useful tool that job seeking physicians should make use of is PracticeLink’s provider relations team. Think of these highly trained and experienced individuals as the owners of the neighborhood hardware store—the ones who know the best tool for any job. PracticeLink’s provider relations team helps physicians and other health care providers every day. They can help you hone your search, learn more through PracticeLink Magazine and provide thorough explanations of whatever job-search situation you may be facing. They can also help you complete your InDepth Interview, a feature of PracticeLink that lets you go deeper into the “why” behind your job search so that recruiters can know if their opportunity might be a good fit before they spend your time on a call.

More free tools

PracticeLink has multiple other tools available as well.

PracticeLink Magazine is a free, quarterly publication that covers many aspects of the physician job search: quality of life, job search and interview, and contracts and compensation.

When you’re creating your CV, head to for a CV-building template and place to both store your CV and use it to apply for jobs.

If this is your first job search, walks you through each step and highlights dozens of potential employers nationwide. We have printed guides available as well, and mail them to residents twice each year.

Attending a PracticeLink career fair provides a great chance to meet employers and chat, either virtually or in person. There’s a PracticeLink career fair held nearly every Thursday evening with the convenience of remote access. Keep an eye out for the return of in-person career fairs that are hosted by PracticeLink, too.

These are only some of the tools that are provided through PracticeLink to assist in your opportunity search when it’s time for a new job. There are many more available and, as mentioned, if you are looking for something specific, contact the Provider Relations team and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Chris Scites is director of PracticeLink’s provider relations team. Call his team for free job-search advice at (800) 776-8383.


Chris Scites

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