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Physician technology to assist with ultrasound procedures.

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When should I start my job search?

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“When should I start my job search?” is by far is the most common question physicians ask PracticeLink.

The answer is that there is no set day on the calendar; it is up to you.

We generally recommend that you begin your search for the right practice as soon as you are ready to investigate the possibilities and make decisions about where and with whom you would like to work.

You should start interviewing when you feel you are ready to make a decision. If you want to talk to potential employers in the information-gathering stage, then be upfront with the employer and let them know your situation.

Hospitals and practices normally determine their physician needs a year in advance, and they are actively recruiting for those positions a year in advance as well.

With that said, given the steps involved in possible relocation and start up of a new practice, it is ideal if you have landed a job at least six months before you plan to begin your practice. For many residents and fellows, this means beginning the interview process in August and finding a job and agreeing to terms no later than January.

We recommend that you start looking for a practice 12 months or more in advance and begin speaking with potential employers to gather information. Many employers are willing to help you through this early stage and inform you upon contact if they are capable of waiting an extended period of time before making an offer.

One advantage to using PracticeLink in your job search is that you do not have to register to view the job postings. This is a great help because it allows you to start looking at jobs before you are ready to actually be contacted by recruiters. This way you are able to view jobs and get an idea of the types of practices in your area of interest, learn about what the average practice offers in your area and just get an overall feel for how many jobs are available. When you are ready to be recruited, then create a free physician profile to easily save and respond to jobs and find your next practice.

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David Townsend, PracticeLink Director of Physician Relations

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