Tips and job search tools to help you evaluate a job location
Tips and job search tools to help you evaluate a job location

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Think back to your last job search. Maybe you had a pleasant one, equipped with everything you needed to find opportunities that suited you; perhaps in hindsight it would have been easier if you had additional tools or information.

Physicians and advanced practice providers are the same way. An ideal job search calls for access to a full suite of resources to help you through each step of the process, and easily connect with hiring employers. There are many sites out there offering job-search assistance, so why do so many physicians rely on PracticeLink? Here are a few reasons.

First Practice, The Resident and Fellow Career Guide

Job-seeking physicians and advanced practice providers want clarity about the timing and tact of each phase of the job search, which is why so many use First Practice, The Resident and Fellow Career Guide. The biannual publication outlines the job-search timeline, the 10 essential steps every provider takes to find their first practice, and even an employer directory of hiring health systems.

To provide even more depth to each job search step, PracticeLink has launched the First Practice Webinar Series. By attending, you can take your knowledge and confidence to the next level as you get deeper into the specifics of starting the job search, writing your CV, getting references and more.

PracticeLink Magazine, the Career Advancement Resource for Physicians

Similar to First Practice, candidates and practicing physicians have another way to gain more insight into the job search, interviewing, contracts and compensation and their quality of life. In fact, these are the quarterly issues of PracticeLink Magazine, the Career Advancement Resource for Physicians.

PracticeLink Magazine is sent to over 95,000 physicians and providers throughout the country because we understand the industry is constantly evolving, and so is the physician job search. Each issue delivers fresh tips, detailed advice and industry insights and features hiring organizations throughout the country.

Physician CV

Writing the ideal CV can be daunting—especially for physicians who have many details to include and a specific structure to maintain. This is why candidates gravitate to resources like by PracticeLink to create and personalize their CVs.

Additionally, you can view sample CVs, get a head start with multiple templates, save your progress and continue updating it throughout your search. Dispersing it to recruiters is easy, too, as you can share your CV directly from the site or via downloadable file.

Custom account settings

The PracticeLink Job Board makes finding career opportunities easier for the thousands of physicians exploring jobs on the platform each day.

Aside from the simplicity of using the job board, job seekers have the benefit of adjusting their settings to identify themselves to employers as active candidates—or to remain private and search without being seen. Ultimately, this gives job postings more visibility as candidates have more privacy and freedom to explore options at their own discretion.

Virtual career fairs

With thousands of attendees at our PracticeLink virtual career fairs, we’ve taken note of how instrumental these events are to physician job-seekers and their ability to explore opportunities.

At each career fair, candidates from cities all over the country can enter virtual booths, chat with multiple employers and ask questions about openings, the organization, work culture and more. When job seekers leave the career fair, it’s with conversations in mind, new connections initiated and career options ready to be explored.

In-depth interviews

When you participate in a PracticeLink in-depth interview, you improve your candidate profile and receive more relevant job matches. By providing more information about yourself, your qualifications, education, interests and other interview-focused information, it’s easier for recruiters to identify you as a likely fit for their opportunity.

Physicians and APPs know where to turn for every step of the job search. PracticeLink is the go-to for thousands of physicians who want to plan and initiate connections with prospective employers who will welcome them to their community.


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