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At 6 in the morning, Amber Patterson, M.D., was already out of bed. As a resident, she knew she had a long day ahead of her, but first things first. She woke Reid, the son she carried while in medical school, helped him dress and made him breakfast. His father, a consultant who works from home, would take care of him after that, so she dressed for work, slipping into a comfortable maternity top. This time she was pregnant with daughter Lena.

Amber Patterson MD
Amber Patterson, M.D., delivered three children between medical school and fellowship.

Patterson recently completed fellowship in allergy/immunology and is now working full time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University in Columbus. She delivered her third child while still in fellowship at Ohio State.

Patterson admits it’s been hard to be both pregnant and a physician in training. “When you’re so driven and you work so hard, you hate to throw something else into the mix,” she says. But she wouldn’t change her pregnancies for anything. “I’m glad I’ve had children while I’m still young,” she says.

She’s not the only physician who feels that way.



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