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It all starts with you, the recruiter. The quality of your job posting will determine the quality of the candidates who respond. Your time is valuable and most likely scarce, but by taking the time to create a great posting initially, you’ll attract those excellent candidates fast.

Five tips to creative quality job postings that attract quality candidates

To in-demand physicians who are overwhelmed with options, all job postings start to look the same after a while. Your details, personalization and creativity make the difference. When candidates have so many opportunities to wade through, standing out is of the essence!

Tip 1: Speak to the kind of provider who will be perfect for your community.

  • Start by considering which providers are currently your organization’s best fits. What needs to be included in your job posting to attract this same level of talent? What types of things would be important and appealing to them? These are the details you must include.

Tip 2: Write to both active and passive candidates.

  • Passive candidates aren’t necessarily looking for a job, but the more information you put out there, the more you’ll create awareness of who you are, and you’ll be top-of-mind when they decide to make a change!
  • Active candidates are likely to apply no matter what, so writing to top talent from the start will ensure all your bases are covered.

Tip 3: Craft a compelling headline.

  • As a candidate scrolls through job listings, your headline is often your only chance to catch that candidate’s attention and get him or her to consider your position. Consider how your headline is going to open that door for you.
  • Don’t use your job title as your headline. Include information that goes beyond profession, specialty, employer and state.
  • Showcase your “So What” value proposition — what do the job, organization, and community have to offer that make your opportunity better than others?

Tip 4: Paint the picture. Write an appealing posting that includes details, details and more details.

  • Incorporate logos and attractive pictures of your community and facility. Provide color and excitement about your organization, community accolades, recreational activities, schools and housing market.
  • Use all multimedia available to you, such as videos, photos and testimonials from current employees.

Tip 5: Create awareness. Use every avenue available to get your job posting out there!

  • Use your PracticeLink broadcast email feature.
  • Share the job posting link on your organization’s website and social media outlets.
  • Don’t forget the importance of advertising and branding through other media like magazines, journals, and events.




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